Company profile

We are passionate and experienced in everything we do!

Daniit is a medium-sized automation and technology company, which develops and implements advanced automation solutions within control, regulation, monitoring and data collection.

Our four (4) core business areas are:

  • Feed
  • Aqua
  • Electrical panels
  • Asphalt

In this connection, we know what the construction, operation and maintenance of a processing facility means and requires – usually with a large number of functions that integrate with each other.

Incorrect identification and/or incorrect deliveries lead to delays at any stage of the production process, and increased costs for everyone.

It’s also the reason why our greatest asset is the structured way in which we generate both small and large-scale electrical engineering projects – from Greenfield to Retrofit – as well as minor operational adjustments. Daniit handles the whole of your project – from planning, through design and production, to installation, commissioning and after-sales service of the finished system.

This involves, inter alia:

  • Speedy and flexible project flow – effective project implementation depends on tested and well-structured phased plans
  • Comprehensive knowledge and project management of all products and services
  • Optimisation of hardware and software for functionality and the total solution
  • Specialist knowledge of all solution components – partial solutions from several suppliers may result in critical omissions
  • The products form the basis of the solution

Product solutions range from the small and simple to complex control concepts, including advanced software solutions, and PC and PLC system networks. Our in-depth knowledge of products and their application ensures that competitive solutions are developed on the basis of customer-specific needs. Quality is therefore vital in all our undertakings. We have systematic access to quality.

With our solid experience, profound technical knowledge and detailed comprehension of complex production processes, we are able to understand and resolve your specific challenges and thereby help to develop and implement innovative and reliable solutions within automation technology.

Our vision

To supply differentiated, innovative and reliable solutions within automation technology to niche markets in the country and abroad.

Our mission

To be a customer-oriented, performance and technology-driven project company within automation technology.

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